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Disabled and Disadvantaged

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ATC Virtual Services is more than a remote staffing and hiring agency — 
We’re A Community Partner

We’re HIRING Disabled Workers

ATC has a tried and true system for helping to meet the employment gap and needs of hiring handicap people who are willing to work on their own, get their salary and take care of themselves as well as their families.    Our Founder, found herself on both sides of this coin as the parent of a child born with disabilities.  Having to forbid her own successful corporate executive career and becoming an advocate for individuals with congenital heart defects and other disabilities, lead to many of ATC’s strategic contingent hiring and recruitment practices for educating our clients on both the many advantages as well as few disadvantages of hiring disabled workers.  ATC is a true community partner, we work with local, state, and federal organizations to provide jobs to our disabled and disadvantage individuals.  In addition, we are a philanthropic company, committed to giving back through annual donations, volunteering, and offering educational resources / training to organizations that serve the community.